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This month, Shure sent me out a pair of the latest earphones from their True Wireless Aonic215 range. And I've got a BUNCH of stuff to get off my chest about them..

Before I get into the nitty gritty, I want to thank SHURE for giving me the opportunity, and to thank them for the many years dedicated to making all the music I love, better.

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Considering that my eyes were initially focused on getting a peak at the actual product, I couldn't help but feel compelled to enjoy the unboxing and take time to appreciate the effort that went into the packaging.

It was particularly smart. Shure uses a smooth cylindrical box printed with matt paper stock, and cleverly utilise a spot UV finish to outline the true wireless earphones, along with the sound waves coming from them.

It's a lovely touch that made me really excited to actually savour the moment, and read the details of what was inside. So hats off to the design team here.

After taking it all in, I read through the many features this pair of earphones had to offer.

These features include:

  • Push Button Communications

  • Dattachable Connections

  • Clear Sound + Deep Bass

  • 8 Hour Battery Life

  • Secure Over-Ear Fit

  • Bluetooth 5

  • Environment Mode

  • 2 Year Warranty

- SHURE Design -

SHURE sent me a pair of their 'Clear' colour earphones, which offers the most pellucid visualisation of the earphones' interior. This is like nothing I've [personally] ever seen in a set of earbuds, and it really compliments the design well.

This transparency is available across three of the four choices of colour. The white colour does not give you the transparent casing around the earbud wiring.

Each earphone is connected independently between the small circular battery into a headphone jack to the bud. This comes in handy as it offers a 360º rotation of the bud for ease of comfort in the ear and when charging.

- SHURE Comfort -

Saying that, I want to outline a major con here.

The earbuds came with foam stock buds already attached. I can tell you now, I gave up trying to remove them after around 30 minutes. They felt like they were glued on. In the 'Quick Start Guide', it only tells you to select the buds to attach to the buds. It doesn't tell you how to remove the ones that are already on. Fearing that I might damage the buds, I was left with little choice but to wear them for at least a week, to make sure I had experienced them before risking pulling them off with force and breaking them.

Alas I didn't break them, and in the end it was just a really stiff connection. Phew.

Despite the above, the earbuds felt lightweight, snug and high quality, and after finally getting to swap the buds around, I found a really nice variety between the foam and silicone buds. Both types offer a similar sound, so it's really to your preference.

They earphones weigh just 10g each, and after a few seconds of listened to music, you really don't notice them. The battery sits perfectly well on the back of the ear, resting gently on the soft spot between the neck and jawline, a lovely fit.

As long as you're sitting, driving, walking or lying down, you'll find great pleasure in wearing the Aoinic215 earbuds. Running not so much..

- SHURE Sport -

A read through their user manual and I quickly came to learn about their strict noise compliancy standards, bluetooth exposure testing and the do's and don'ts for safe usage. Interesting stuff.

In the don'ts, it states that you cannot expose these to water of any kind, which is confusing as on the website there is clearly sporty types using them during exercise.

I'm pretty active, but boy do I sweat. So initially I ruled out using these for running. However, after a couple weeks of using them, I decided to give them a spin on a 5 mile run.

They were FANTASTIC. They didn't buzz, receive interference, suffer obvious water (sweat) damage nor did they break as I thought they could. In fact they remained surprisingly consistent throughout. I did have to make some adjustments as the battery does bounce around a bit, but for a short run, they are good.

Taking a call whilst running worked too, but the mic pick up is not so good. It's important to add, that you can ONLY call from the right earbud. So if you suffer with any right-side hearing impairments, these are not for you.

- SHURE Sound -

I really did save the best until last. The sound is crystal! If you buy these for nothing else, then you've probably invested well.

What is remarkable about these earphones, is that you don't miss a single sound. I've played Reggae, Swing, DnB, Hip-Hop, Dancehall, Classic and even my own pre-master mixes and they all deliver the finest standard. Phenomenal clarity (in a quiet space) and even in a busy place, you're transported into your own world of music, podcasts or audiobooks. And because of it not being Noise Cancelling but Sound Isolating, you'll still be somewhat aware of the environment around you. Ideal for the city.

The Low-End deep bass that worried me at the start, was smooth and buttery, but if pushed up a bit in the App's EQ, it will distort. The high ends are crisp and clear, whilst the mids remain true realistic to the style of music you're engaging with, balanced just like they should be.

Keeping the EQ flat, you're treated to a top-quality sound, representative of what you would expect from SHURE as a leading music electronics brand.

These were a great compliment to my pre-master mixing process, which really helped pick out nuisance sounds or pieces that didn't need to be in the mix. Imperative for getting the most out of your final mixes and assuring to know that you're not receiving an overly compressed mix of your material.

A great job here, SHURE!

- SHURE Summery -